What is Air Duct Cleaning?

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Many of us do not clean air ducts. We think that cleaning is not important to boost the performance of the system. However, cleaning offers many benefits especially when you suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues. In this article, you will know when and why you should clean your air duct system.

What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

It is a process to clean an air duct system. The duct helps to circulate cool and warm air in your home. The cleaning will not only purify the air, but it can also offer many other benefits. During the process, professionals can clean the other components of your heating or cooling system that includes coils and fans. An overall cleaning will boost the efficiency and longevity of your system. More importantly, you can avoid replacement costs with regular cleaning.

How Will You Know When Cleaning Is Due?

This is a good question since many of us will not be able to know when the cleaning is due without the required skills and experience. However, you can consider some factors to know cleaning is due or not. When you notice that some of your family members develop allergies or similar kinds of symptoms without any obvious cause, then the duct system might be the culprit.

Also, if you observe any rodent or insect dropping from the system, you should consider the cleaning as soon as possible. If you experience any moldy and musty smell from the system, it might be the indication that your duct system warrants a cleaning.

The trapped moisture will not only cause the moldy smell, but the moisture can also damage your HVAC system. The efficiency will be affected and your indoor air will be polluted as well. Also, if you notice dust and dirt accumulation in your system, you can think of cleaning. You can be aware of all these indicators with regular inspections. Also, a dirty and poorly maintained system might increase your energy bill as well.

How to Clean the Duct System

You can do the regular cleaning on your own by unscrewing the cover. However, when the air duct is dirty and poorly maintained, it might need more attention than regular cleaning. For this, you will have to hire professionals. You can do proper research on the available services and then you can choose the one that has received appreciations for effective cleaning, friendly approach, and cost-effective solutions.

What Are the Benefits?

You can breathe in a fresh environment. Your indoor air will be purified and the allergy issues will be cured with any additional treatment. Here are more details:

  • Better efficiency: With a clean air duct system, you can expect better efficiency and improved performance of your overall system
  • Clean and breathable air: You can breathe the fresh air that will minimize the medical visits
  • No unpleasant odors: An clean air duct system will not trap the moisture and will not cause moldy smell as well

An air duct cleaning is a must to boost the efficiency of your system and improve the air quality of your home.

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