How To Prepare For Carpet Cleaning?

How To Prepare For Carpet Cleaning

Why do you have to clean carpets? Well, there are a lot of reasons. Professional carpet cleaning services can transform your home. It restores the carpet to its original color and removes stains, resulting in immediately noticeable improvement. It can even make the room smell better when it finally removes deep pollutants that cannot be absorbed by the vacuum. Professional carpet cleaning can even remove dust mites, thereby improving the health of your home environment. But before cleaning your carpet, you need to prepare.

How to prepare for carpet cleaning?

Although deciding to do a professional carpet cleaning job and choosing a reputable company seems to be the end of your job, your house needs to be prepared by moving fragile items and large furniture. You can choose to clean the carpet around the furniture, but this is not advisable, because the carpet under the furniture is not actually easy to vacuum regularly and therefore more likely to accumulate dust.

Large furniture – Once fragile items are safe, it’s time to move large items. As the saying goes, being smart is better than hard work, and this applies here. If you can get help with moving large items, it is definitely the way to go. When lifting and carrying large items and furniture, it is important to lift with your legs, not your back. In the workplace alone, back injuries can cause more than a million injuries each year; family activities are equally dangerous. If you look at professional porters, you will usually see them wearing back support straps.

Parking – It is always best to leave open parking spaces for service cars in front of the house or building so that the carpet cleaner can be as close to the entrance door as possible when it arrives.

Make sure the carpet is in good condition.

The second thing you should do is make sure the carpet is in good condition. Similarly, you should carefully inspect the carpet for signs of broken edges, bent corners, and threaded areas, to name a few. If the carpet needs repair, you should contact a good carpet repair service to fix it. Remember: cleaning carpets with broken edges can cause further damage. Therefore, it is highly recommended to repair them first.


Some carpet cleaners may require you to clean the room before carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners will thoroughly clean the carpet area with an industrial vertical filter vacuum cleaner.

Remove dust and bad smell from the carpet.

Dust removal is not difficult at all. However, if you intend to clean the carpet, you should spend some time with the lamps, ceiling fans, and other items first. It is best to check the furniture before vacuuming or cleaning the carpet. If you think it’s better, you can also get help from a professional. Otherwise, you can do this yourself.


Following the above steps will help everything go smoothly and allow technicians to focus on giving you the best carpet cleaning experience. Professional carpet cleaners are rigorously trained to ensure that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned, and the furniture is carefully moved back into place. Your carpet will be fresh, clean, and ready for you to enjoy.

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