How To Dry Carpet After Cleaning?

How To Dry Carpet After Cleaning

It is never a good idea to leave a carpet wet. Yes, there is a possibility molds will be formed and that will attract a bunch of insects that carry diseases to your home. Thus, better dry the carpets immediately. The first option would be to put an electric fan directly towards the carpet. This would be a great idea when the weather outside is cold. If it is hot, you will save some electricity by leaving the carpet outside of your home. The best way to dry both sides of the carpet inside of your home would be to put two small fans that are pointed towards both sides at the same time. Don’t forget to turn it into the maximum air pressure so it can accomplish its mission in the fastest way possible.

Speaking of the weather outside, another option would be to leave it out there when the weather is extremely hot. Of course, you must research about the weather prior to doing that because there is a chance it could rain. When that happens, you may rush into getting your carpet back inside and you are back to scratch. It would be best to do this as early as possible so the carpet will dry fast. Also, the carpet will smell great when it dries because it dried naturally. Just be sure to take it back inside when it has completely dried up.

If you are not familiar with carpet cleaning, the best way to do it would be to have it cleaned by professionals. There is a huge chance they will use the steam cleaning method as that is known to be the most effective method today. If you ask them what is the best way to dry the carpet, they will most likely suggest using a blow dryer. This is the fastest method because the blow dryer will give out a lot of heat and you can point very close to the carpet. However, you will be tired holding the blow dryer close to the carpet. You just need of the amount of calories you are going to lose in the process. Also, you can alternate with someone who is also living in the house as it is for a good cause anyway.

Perhaps, the last option would be turning the air con on inside your house and leaving the carpet there. Don’t forget to hang the carpet so that both sides will be dried evenly. This is the last resort option due to how expensive this is going to be. You must check back after every hour to check if the carpet is already dry. After all, we all know the air con takes up a huge chunk of our electricity bill each month. Thus, you would not want to pay that much when you leave it for a long time. You must only do this option when you don’t have electric fans and blow dryers and the weather outside is not that good.

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