How to Clean Out Dryer Hose?

How to Clean Out Dryer Hose?

Dirty dryer hoses are one of the most significant fire hazards at homes. And even if clogged dryer hose doesn’t cause household damage immediately, it will waste your money, energy, and time. A dryer linked to hoses filled with dirt, dust, and lint doesn’t work correctly. If your dryer once polished wet loads in a cycle but now requires two or more, you’ll need to check your hose. Below are five steps on how to clean out a dryer hose:

  1. Remove the Lint Trap Filter – For gas dryers, unplug the power cord of the dryer and turn off the gas valve. Disconnect the duct closest to the dryer and pull the dryer away from the wall gently. Disconnect the exposed sections of the duct. Remove and discard the tape only if the segments are taped. Ensure not to disturb the gas line. The hose should be attached tightly since gas leaks are dangerous. If you have an electric dryer, you should be able to push the appliance out of the way to open up more space to operate.
  1. Move your Dryer – The dryer hose is situated beneath the dryer. Therefore, you will need to pull your dryer away from the wall so you can clean the hose. Sometimes, heavy dryers are hard to move. Having limited space can also make moving it hard. In such cases, you can find someone to assist you.
  1. Remove the Tube – The dryer hose is a hole that runs through the wall. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that attach it to the wall. Then, remove the tube from the wall so you can access the hose.
  1. Clean the Dryer Hose – Attach the head of the round hose brush to the flexible shaft. Insert the brush into each section of the hose and sweep it clean in a rotating motion as you move the brush forth and back. Pull out the brush as you frequently clean its head. Clean the remaining parts of the hose as you add more sections. Repeat the process until no more lint comes out of the hose. Check the cap at the outside end of the hose to ensure it is clean and works well.
  1. Place Everything Back Together – Reattach the nozzle running from the dryer by putting the screws back. Slide the dryer back in position as you plug it back in. The dryer should now be ready for use as the hose is clean. Noticeable improvements should be seen in drying times.


If your dryer hose hasn’t been clean for a long time, it probably requires proper cleaning. Dryer hoses get clogged with lint from your dryer. This usually affects the functionality of your dryer. If you can reach to the hose by moving your dryer, you will be able to clean your hose by yourself effectively. Nevertheless, in some instances, getting to the hose on your own can be tricky. In such a case, you’ll need to hire professional dryer vent cleaners to take care of your dryer hose.

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